Mortar joints on your masonry surfaces will eventually get damaged because of the weather or due to excessive amounts of water exposure. Brittle and weak mortar can eventually let water seep into the home causing a lot of serious and expensive damages.

Brick and stone surfaces will typically last for about 100 years, while the mortar will last for a much shorter amount of time depending on the amount of sunlight and moisture exposure. In our experience, the material between bricks and stones usually lasts for about 25 years on average.

Tuckpointing from A&M Home Services saves homeowners the time and money involved with replacing the masonry structures entirely, and instead focuses solely on the joints between surfaces.

The Process

  1. Old mortar is ground up to a level and even depth
  2. Red mortar is used to fill in new grooves
  3. Thin strips are cut into the new mortar
  4. Strips are filled in with a mortar color that matches with the original color


  •  Much more cost-effective than replacement
  •  Helps to prevent water from getting into the home
  •  Future corrosion of the joints is stopped
  •  Masonry materials are restored to their original condition
  •  Value and curb appeal of your home improve

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