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Hail and Storm Damage Repair Services in Plymouth, South Bend, and the Surrounding Area

As a Northern Indiana or Southern Michigan resident, you experience harsh weather and climate conditions, including tornadoes, snowstorms, extreme heat, bitter cold, and severe thunderstorms. That being said, you will need to have someone on your side to help take care of your home. At A&M Home Services, we have a fully licensed, bonded, and insured team of trusted professionals to assist you with professional storm damage repair services for roofs, gutters, siding, and more.

What sets us apart from “storm chasers,” or people who follow severe weather throughout different areas (only to make a few quick dollars doing shoddy repair work), is that we are established in various communities throughout the region.

If you need a team of trusted experts that will work with your insurance company to help repair hail and storm damage, look no further. Our roofing contractors work with homeowners to repair damaged roofs, gutters, siding, and masonry after large storms or significant weather events. Contact our team today at 574-807-6187 to schedule a storm damage repair inspection and appointment. 

Storm Damage Repair Services
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Storm Damage Roof Repair Services

It is not uncommon for strong winds and hail to damage or even blow off singles sections on your home. This leaves your home exposed to the elements that can cause leaks, mold growth, and wood rot issues inside your home. Our storm damage repair experts can help you get your home repaired quickly.

We carry a variety of shingle styles and colors for roof repair services so that our team will be able to match your new shingles with your existing roof. If you have whole sections of your roof that are damaged by hail, we can replace large areas without removing the rest of the roof.

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Gutter Repair and Replacement After a Storm

Strong winds can wreak havoc on your home. Our team has seen damaged gutter systems, missing downspouts, and even homes where the gutters were completely blown off of the home’s exterior. In most cases, our team of expert storm damage repair technicians can fix your gutter systems without replacing the entire gutter system.

A qualified technician must repair your gutters after they have been damaged. Improperly graded gutters can lead to further water damage to your home and may not drain correctly. Contact our team if you need gutter repair services after a severe storm.

Gutter Repair from Storm Damage
Masonry Repair from Storm Damage

Masonry Repair

Chimneys are among the areas of your home most prone to damage during severe weather. That is because they are usually unsupported and must stand on their own against heavy winds and hail. If your chimney is damaged because of severe weather, contact our team. Our storm damage repair experts can help you with any damages to the structure of your chimney, including liner replacement, tuckpointing, and complete chimney rebuilds.

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Our team at A&M Home Services is one of the most trusted home service providers in Plymouth, South Bend, and other parts of Northern Indiana and Southwestern Michigan. Call us at our Plymouth or South Bend office or by filling out our online contact form to schedule your storm damage repair inspection and appointment today.