Had a leak around my chimney that had to be fixed, as well as have the surrounding plywood replaced. The house had sat empty for a year before I bought it and this leak had been going on the whole time. The flashing around the chimney consisted basically of someone slapping some sealant on it and calling it done. Well this didn’t hold up for long. I called A&M, they came out, gave me a quote, and after some research found that they were a little cheaper than the other places I had look at it. They called me on the day they were ready to do the work, and by the time I got home from work, they had already been out and finished the job. The flashing around the chimney now looks properly sealed, and the rotted wood was replaced and the shingles replaced and you’d never know there was a problem. Very happy with the work. When I go to have the roof replaced in 5 years I’ll probably be giving them a call.

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